About Dr Phil Yerboots

Dr Phil is my alter ego. I am a consultant in a procedure oriented hospital speciality, with significant private practice. I also do some Deanery and Medical Education work with both undergraduates and Postgraduate Specialist Trainees, and sit on some College committees. I have worked overseas in both Australasia and North America and am fully aware that the NHS is not the only way of organising things. I am unhappy with many ways that British medicine is evolving, but am quite adept at getting these to work in my favour. Hence I fill my boots! In retrospect it was a rather limited pun on which to base my pseudonym, and perhaps I should have picked a less limiting one. For the present I will stick to it.

I am interested in music (favouring Rock music from the 1960’s to present), films, religion, philosophy, literature, politics, economics and football. I often find strange parallels between all these and medicine. My tastes are fairly proletarian in comparison with many of my colleagues and other medical bloggers.

I live in the nondescript Middle England County of Borsetshire and work at both Borchester General Hospital and my private practice in Little Harley Street. Its a good life, and at times a hard one.

I believe that there is both good and bad in everyone, and that the conflict between good and evil is one fought within ones soul rather than with external weapons. Either side can triumph. Dr Phil is at times the devil on my shoulder, and at times the angel on the other shoulder.


12 Responses to About Dr Phil Yerboots

  1. Thanks Phil for the correction.

    You are correct about Babi Yar, and I have corrected it on the sidebar.


  2. Sam says:

    Just to sincerely wish you a Happy Easter and hope you return soon

  3. Anna :o] says:

    Miss you on the airways. Please come back soon.

    Anna :o]

  4. Anna :o] says:

    Thought I had left a comment here before going to work last night – but must have clicked the wrong ‘button’

    Just to let you know you are a ‘miss’ in blogland and I hope you return soon.

    Anna :o]

  5. Anna :o] says:

    Ooops! There’s a lack of observation skills!

    Anna :o]

  6. drphilyerboots says:

    Just a short break for Lent, but am back!

    Dr Phil

  7. drphilyerboots says:

    I have decided to call it a day for a while, giving up for Lent was good for me, so giving up may be better.

    So long!

    Dr Phil

  8. Anna :o] says:

    Sad news Dr Phil, sad news.

    Hope you change your mind in the future and even if not, hope to see your comments here, there and everywhere in blogland.

    You were and will be a miss!

    Kind regards.

    Anna :o]

    • drphilyerboots says:

      I commented to Yerboots junior how irritable and snappy the Internet made him. Mrs Yerboots pointed out my hypocrisy! I thought it best to move my posts behind the wall, and shall try to resist excess Internet usage. Sensible woman, my wife.

      Take care

      Dr Phil

  9. Anna :o] says:

    Hi Dr Phil

    Just to let you know you are still in my mind.

    Do so hope my comments didn’t leave you snappy and irritable – if so, it was never my intention.

    Kind regards.

    Anna :o]

  10. draust says:

    Only just noticed yesterday that you’d gone offline, Dr Phil. Sorry to see you go, and hope we may at least see you commenting on other blogs once in a while. Strangely (or perhaps not) it’s the people that we don’t completely agree with that are often the most interesting to ‘talk’ to. Anyway, you’ll be missed.

  11. Anna :o] says:

    Hi Dr Phil

    You are indeed a miss in blogland and I am heartened that you are leaving an odd comment here or there.

    Hope to see you blogging again so and would echo draust’s statement that “people who we don’t completely agree with that are often the most interesting to ‘talk’ to.”

    Kind regards.

    Anna :o]

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